Senior Moments Gala

We had the pleasure of supporting The Jefferson Council on Aging this past weekend in New Orleans. Ms. Frashier was the lucky winner of a trip to Paris and the Wine Country in France. We are looking forward to helping to make sure she has a wonderful time! And yes, a bride did walk through the event, getting ready to walk down the staircase! Not something you see every day.

The word "Donate"

Other words to use instead of "Donate"

Silent Auction Return

We live in a world of Amazon, where the price of something is just a click away. Go ahead and stick with experiences or packages that are emotionally charged to avoid the bargain hunting scenario.

21st Annual Pipines Golfing Outing

On Wednesday we had the pleasure attending the 21st Annual Tom Pipines Golf Outing in support of Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin.

Super 7 Silent!

In the last 18 years that we have been supporting nonprofit auctions, with the right building of urgency (example: 30 minutes to go until the close of our silent auction....20 minutes....15 minutes....10 minutes.....7 minutes....5 minutes.....3 minutes...1 minute.....and a 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 countdown) the last 7 minutes of your auction is when the real bidding wars take place!

Don't Overlap!

Fundraising Tip: Avoid overlap your Live and Silent Auction. Reason: Don't leave your donors guessing as to whether or not they have won their items in the silent, it could prevent them from bidding in the live and affect your open ask. Especially if you are doing mobile bidding, you certainly don't want to have donors on their phones checking their silent auction bids during your program.

Development Directors Abroad!

While we continue our work stateside, one of our senior development directors, Deborah Roberts, is in Guatemala on a mission trip to provide locals with eye glasses!

Chabad of East Hampton

What a great fundraising event we had the privilege of supporting for Chabad of East Hampton last Sunday!

An Evening in the Vineyard

Last Thursday we had the honor of supporting Calvert Hospice News & Events at the Running Hare Vineyard in MD.

First and Gold Gala

What a fun venue for this awesome fundraising event that we supported on Friday for Curing Kids Cancer in Georgia!

Tri 4 Schools Swings for Success!

This just in from a wonderful organization that we supported over the weekend at their golf tournament! Way to go Team Tri 4 Schools!

Loyola College Prep

We were pleased to support Loyola College Prep at their Loyola 100 Football Booster event in Louisiana over the weekend.

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