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We helped raise over $1 million dollars in unrestricted funds for our nonprofit partners in our 2018 Spring Fundraising season! For all of 2017, we raised just over $1.2 Million, so here's hoping to raise over $2 million by the end of 2018's fundraising year!

The Two Most Powerful Words for a Nonprofit: Thank You.

In the world of nonprofit organizations, you can never say “thank you” enough. This is one aspect of your organization that you can never over-do. With this concept in mind, let’s take a look at the process of thanking your sponsors, guests, volunteers and all other patrons related to your fundraising events. We at AmFund have years of experience in the “thank you" department, and we hope the following information will provide you with valuable insight into this process when it comes time to thank your supporters. Don’t Stress Over Timing First thing is first, don’t stress about the timing of your "Thank Yous". Many organizations tend to feel the pressure to send out "Thank Yous" immediately

AmFund's latest blog is live!

3 major reasons why you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by offering VIP status to your donors your special event. Read more here.

The Importance of VIP: To VIP or not to VIP at your Special Event?

When it comes to the VIPs at your organization’s next fundraising event, such as a gala, make sure you take care of these special guests as much as possible. After all, we are talking about very important people! That title in itself is enough to tell you that there are a few extra steps involved with VIPs at your event, but they are well worth it! Give the VIPs the first crack at bidding When you host your VIPs at your silent auction, give them the first chance to bid. Allowing them to bid first provides them with a quiet, calm environment to place their bids. This is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated by your VIP guests. This quieter time is also a great time to meet up with any ne

Looking for Volunteers?

Check Out Some Overlooked Volunteer Groups. There’s one simple thought process that is important to accept when it comes to the planning of a fundraising event: you need help. Volunteers are an essential component to any successful event. Whether you are doing a silent auction, live auction, cash call or any other type of event, it takes a team of people to help carry out a seamless, well-executed event. You may have a top-notch staff that is willing to help in any way possible; but often times, this isn’t enough to get the job done. Where are all the volunteers hiding? Volunteers aren’t necessarily difficult to find — you just have to know the right places to look. Take a look at some of th


Congratulations to Deborah Roberts, one of our Senior Development Directors, for being recognized by the Rotary Club of Târgovişte in Romania for her participation in the 7 day long "Optometric Control and Free Eye Glasses" event.

We Love Kudos!

Nothing makes us more proud than to receive kudos from a nonprofit partners that we supported. What other nonprofits are saying.

12th Annual Get Wild

Amfund's Charity Trips of a Lifetime supporting the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center's 12th Annual get Wild in the Hamptons. The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center, Inc. is dedicated to the rehabilitation of wild animals impacted by encroachment of humans on their habitat. It is a grass roots organization that grew from a few concerned friends to a group of over 1000 members and supporters. The center is a full-time professional wildlife hospital staffed by licensed rehabilitators, biologists, animal behaviorists and volunteers. Over 100 people have been trained to assist in wildlife rescues.

Our Latest Blog is Live!

Read about what it takes to put on a truly successful fundraising live auction for charity here.

The Science of the Charity Live Auction

There is a certain science behind every successful live auction. After all, these events don’t just put themselves together. It takes a combination of planning, hard work, and expertise to get these events right. When it comes to the aspect of expertise, AmFund has you covered. We have years of experience with live auction events. In other words, we have gone through many trial and error approaches over the years with various live auctions. We know what works and what doesn’t. With that said, let’s take a look at the science behind the live auction. These are some valuable tips that will ensure a successful live auction for your nonprofit organization. The Introduction Sets the Tone At the b


Our Senior Development Director Deborah has reached a milestone of single-handedly raising $1 Million for her nonprofit partners. And if that isn't enough, she uses her vacation time to journey to far ends of the earth and does mission work on behalf of her church. She just this week returned from a trip to Romania where she helped doctors access patients’ vision and measure them for the proper prescription eyeglasses these children and their families could not otherwise afford.

We Love Kudos!

Nothing makes us more proud than to receive kudos from a nonprofit partners that we supported.

We Love Kudos!

Nothing makes us more proud than to receive kudos from a nonprofit partners that we supported. What other nonprofits are saying.

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