Summer Bash for Childhood Cancer

Metro Area Youth Foundation, Inc is an all volunteer organization comprised of Omaha Metro Area Optimist Clubs. This past Saturday we had the pleasure of flying to Omaha, Nebraska to raise funds for their mission with our Trips of a Lifetime auction at their Summer Bash for Childhood Cancer Their mission is to provide financial and other support to children diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer, to assist families and care partners of children with cancer as well as assist healthcare and service providers

Caring Awards Gala

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of supporting We Care Jacksonville at their Caring Awards Gala in our own home state with our Trips of a Lifetime silent auction. We Care Jacksonville was founded in 1993 as a volunteer coalition of healthcare professionals, clerical personnel, and local church groups to provide primary and specialty care to the uninsured, the homeless, and the medically undeserved people of Jacksonville. Today, We Care, now a registered provides specialty medical care to low-income, uninsured, and homeless adults in Duval County.

Silent Auction Closeout

Learn how to best utilize your volunteers to help make the closeout process run smoothly! Learn How.

Get by with a Little Help from your Volunteers: Silent Auction Close Out Tips

When it comes to the close out tasks of your silent audition, it’s always a good thing to have some help. This is where your volunteers come into play. There is plenty for them to assist with at the close out; it’s just a matter of putting them in the right place to do the right tasks. Let’s take a quick look at how your organization can best utilize its volunteers at your next silent auction. Imagine the fast food's drive thru process. Usually you place your order, pay, and then move ahead to pick up. Now translate that process to silent auction closeout. Your volunteers should be able to: · Direct the winners into a line to pay for their items and pick up their receipts. · Select receipts

Last Chance for White Pants

AmFund attended the Last Chance for White Pants Gala last Saturday in Wilmington, N.C. Over 500 dedicated supporters joined in the celebration in support of Lower Cape Fear Hospice. Our Trips of a Lifetime auction supported their services and programs, such as hospice care, palliative care, bereavement services for children and adults, and other services not covered by insurance. More photos available.

Where in the world are our Development Directors?

Our Development Directors have been busy bees heading into the Labor Day Weekend traveling the country to support 6 worthy nonprofit organizations like Stella Liniado Rainbow Foundation in New York, Friend for Life Cancer Support Network in Kentucky, Cheer For Your Life in Texas, Metro Area Youth Foundation in Nebraska, Lower Cape Fear Hospice in North Carolina, and WE CARE Jacksonville in Florida.

Accolades Luncheon

Last weekend we headed west to support the Southern Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce at their annual Accolades Luncheon. Our Trips of a Lifetime Silent Auction saw delighted women who bid fervently on trips resulting in 8 winning ladies! Founded in 1993, the chamber made it's mission to focus on empowering their members through education, advocacy and collaborative partnerships, focusing on economic vitality. They work to provide members with meaningful networking, member-only business promotions, directory and calendar listings and sponsorship opportunities at branded special events. In addition, they offer programs to support leadership, community, and civic involvement through their C

Cool Summer Homecoming

Last Saturday we had the unique opportunity to not only support a wonderful nonprofit organization, The Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life, but help crown a fabulous young woman named Olivia as Homecoming Queen for her fundraising efforts with our Trips of a Lifetime Auction in Fayetteville, Arkansas! Hydration for Life promotes proper hydration and the prevent heat illness through education and supporting activities. Their visions is to improve safety for athletes and reduce the number of injuries and death from heat related causes for all ages. Kendrick Fincher, age 13, went to football camp during the summer and enjoyed the experience and was looking forward to being on the team. Footbal

Our Latest Blog is Live!

Find out how to easily and effectively move guests from one room to the next at your fundraising event. Find out how.

Traffic Control: The Art of Moving your Guests from One Room to Another

When you are in the midst of running your fundraising event, you will often times feel like that of a traffic-control police officer. Staying on time and moving your event along is all about getting your guests positioned at the right places during the right times. In a sense, it is traffic control. Let’s take a closer look at some tips and insights to help you with this process of directing your guests from one room to another. Going from the cocktail party to the main event Let’s start here since this is the first big move that needs to take place. To move guests from the foyer cocktail party into your main event space, start by shutting down the bar service in the foyer. Make sure all of

Golf Classic

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of supporting for a second year in a row, Tri For Schools for their 5th annual Golf Classic in Wisconsin. Passionate golfers bid high and bid often on the bucket list trips and experiences in our Trips of a Lifetime silent auction.

Curing Kids Cancer

Saturday evening in Atlanta, we were proud to raise funds for Curing Kids Cancer at The Metropolitan Club for a second year in a row with our Trips of a Lifetime silent auction. Curing Kids Cancer raises money for childhood cancer research with a variety of fundraising programs, events, and partnerships. Coaches Curing Kids Cancer was the original idea that started CKC: instead of buying your coach the same old gift, make a donation to Curing Kids Cancer in honor of your coach! We were honored to be a part of their gala in Alpharetta, GA for a second year in a row.

Red Shoe Gala

We put on our Red fundraising shoes for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oklahoma City Red Shoe Gala and what a successful event it was! The Trips of a Lifetime Auction created a bidding frenzy and resulted in 12 winning bidders! #RedShoeGala Ronald McDonald House Charities® Oklahoma City envisions a world where all children have access to medical care, and their families are supported and actively involved in their children’s care. We were proud to offer our Trips of a Lifetime auction to raise additional funds for this worthy cause.

Our Latest Blog is Live!

Needless to say, an empty sponsorship table is an embarrassing look that you want to avoid at all costs. Find out how to fill them in 3 easy steps!

A Sure-Fire Way to Fill Sponsorship Tables in 3 Steps!

The sponsors at your event provide an important presence. Not only does your organization rely on the ongoing support of these sponsors, but these sponsors can also have a direct impact on the fundraising aspect at your event. Of course, if you don’t take some precautionary steps to ensure the presence of your sponsors, you run the risk of having empty sponsorship tables. Needless to say, an empty sponsorship table is an embarrassing look that you want to avoid at all costs. We at AmFund have found some very useful methods over the years that can help encourage your sponsors to not only attend your event, but also to fill their tables with deep pockets that can help expand your donor base. A

An Evening in Havana

What a great way to kick off our Fall fundraising season with a fabulous Evening in Havana to raise funds for After several bidding wars, the Exclusive Trips of a Lifetime silent auction saw 17 winning donors who will travel for a great cause. At Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital their cancer center provides lifesaving treatment and compassionate care to patients in our community. Those battling cancer often struggle with great financial burdens as a result of their diagnosis. The cost of treatment, medication, transportation, food, and utilities can be unbearable. In 2017 the Spectrum Health Foundation Ludington Hospital started the cancer patient assistance fund with the goal of alleviati

What’s In Your Cocktail Hour?

The cocktail hour is more important than you might first give it credit. Sure, it’s a good time for your guests to chat and grab a few drinks and appetizers. However, for the event organizers, this is an important time period to make sure you check a few things off your to-do list and really set the tone for the rest of the evening. Take this time to say “Thank You” Don’t let the cocktail hour pass without doing a round of thank yous to all of your guests. This is an excellent opportunity to personally converse and thank everyone who supports your organization. You can also take this opportunity to give a glimpse into how the evening will unfold. This will build excitement and get your guest

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