Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our wonderful nonprofit partners and the work they do in their communities! It is with honor that our AmFund team was able to support the Mercy Health - Cincinnati with this check in the amount of $35,796.00 in support of their mission! #ThankfulThursday

Look No Further: The Ultimate Fund-a-Need Strategy

Often times, organizations will wrap up their fundraising events by asking for donations from their guests. We simply call this a “fund-a-need.” For many organizations, the open ask can be a challenge. It can feel like pulling teeth if the approach is not handled properly. Opens asks usually begin at a high level ($5,000 or $10,000) and then go down from there to lower levels ($1,000, $500, etc.). While this method of an open ask can be effective at the end of an energetic live auction or after an inspiring video or speaker, we here at AmFund came across another tactic to an open ask that works brilliantly! The Results Speak for Themselves Just a few weeks ago, we at AmFund were supporting o

Always Be Networking

Read our latest blog to learn about 3 places to potentially find your next corporate sponsors.

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