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Jewish Roots Gala

It is always a good time when we have the opportunity to support an organization for a third year in a row! JCRS - Jewish Children's Regional Service's "Jewish Roots" Gala was a blast!

The mission of the JCRS is to provide needs-based resources that assist in (1) funding Jewish summer camp experiences; (2) funding post-secondary education for Jewish students; (3) underwriting expenses that support Jewish youth with special psychological, physical and social needs; and (4) providing economic support and consultation to Jewish youth and their families in exceptional situations.

The Jewish Children’s Regional Service (JCRS) is the oldest existing Jewish children’s social services organization in America - providing a financial safety net to vulnerable Jewish youth throughout the south for over 150 years. Through generous supporters like you, JCRS is able to reach out to over 1,000 youth annually with unique programs that are unavailable elsewhere.

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