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AmFund's Giving Tree

We are an organization where teamwork really matters. Everyone is interdependent on one another from department to department. Our Development Directors and professional staffers also help one another at each others’ events, and so doing, they help the nonprofits we sponsor. Everyone here works to make this world a better place.

Each month at our staff meeting we take part in our "Giving of the Giving Tree" to a remarkable individual who is recognized for going above and beyond and then the following month, that individual gets to “pay it forward” by choosing who should be the next recipient. Our little giving tree is the symbol of the saying “from the tiny acorn the mighty oak grows.” We not only grow the fundraising for organizations, together we are growing too. As we help each other, we are cultivating, fertilizing, watering and nurturing the work we do into a great oak tree as well. And the ultimate beneficiaries are the organizations we support.

Congratulations Chelsea, our fabulous Production Manager, our most recent Giving Tree Recipient! She is so integral to our organization's success, we even made a jingle for her.

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