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501(c)3's Unite!

Over the last several months our Development team collected hygiene items to be donated to an incredible organization called Hope Thru Soap. This organization was one of the selected winning organizations of our AmFund Gives 2018 campaign. One of our team members, Morgan, recently had the pleasure of meeting with a few members of their team and seeing what a weekend event looks like from their perspective. There was a busload of people who came for haircuts, showers, clean clothes, a hot meal and even Easter activities for children. We cannot put into words how grateful these people were that Hope Thru Soap was there to provide them with small luxuries, like hot water, that many often take for granted.

Hope thru Soap provides a mobile shower experience to the less fortunate and homeless in Atlanta. They provide showers, haircuts, clothing and food in different parts of the city, targeting homeless or poverty-stricken individuals and families. Hope thru Soap brings no only basic needs of showers/hygiene, clothing and food, but along with it a “block party” that gives their guests a sense of dignity.

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