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Listen In-- Common Pitfalls of Fundraising Events

It is officially Fall Fundraising Season and we know what that means for nonprofit event planning committees—lack of sleep, long hours, and attention to every little detail! We here at The American Fundraising Foundation want to help set your charity event up for success.

Recently we collaborated with Gregory Nielsen of Nielsen Training and Consultants on a podcast to help nonprofits steer clear of the common pitfalls related to fundraising events such as optimal number of auction items, silent auction item placement, and how to get the community involved in your fundraising event. Make sure you have something to write with—you’ll want to take notes!

For the full blog article on The Magic Number of Auction Items click here.

For the full blog article on Auction Item Placement click here.

For more tips and insights on how to best structure your auction for your next fundraising event, contact us at AmFund. Our team of experienced nonprofit Development Directors are ready to help!

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