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How to Best Utilize your Event Space

When you are in search for the perfect venue for your fundraising event, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Sure, price and location are a couple of the top things that should influence your decision-making process; however, there are a few other things to keep in mind when you are planning out your event.

When it comes to room size, think small

Don't think big when it comes to room size

We’ve all heard of that famous saying, “think big.” Well, in the case of room size, you are better off thinking small. Smaller rooms are always better than going too big.

You want to give the sense of the room being crowded. The look of a well populated event always provides a positive, lasting impression on your guests.

No need for an oversize dance floor

The same idea behind room size applies to your dance floor as well. Often times, a big dance floor can be intimidating to people. Keep the dance floor area small and the room tight. A big dance floor keeps your audience further away from the stage. When this happens, people feel disconnected and not personally involved in the event. In some cases, people end up behind the stage, blocked by big audio speakers and other bulky equipment. A small dance floor keeps your guests close to the action where they can enjoy themselves, even if they don’t want to dance. If you think your particular audience won’t dance at all, don’t be afraid to completely take out the dance floor from your room plans.

Packed Dancefloor

Here’s a great example of space being utilized to perfection: AmFund attended an event that featured Lionel Richie as the entertainer. In this particular case, there was no dance floor. The tables were placed close to the stage. For those who wanted to dance, they did so in the aisles. It turned out to be one of the best events we ever attended! Just think of the buzz the next day: “This place was packed! People were dancing in the aisles!” Again, this all comes back to creating tight spaces that give the sense of a crowded event.

The importance of cold-soaking a room

Have you ever been to an event where it was unbearably hot? If you have been to an insufferably hot event, you probably remember how uncomfortable and frustrated you were throughout its entirety. Chances are, you remember this event very negatively. This is where cold-soaking your event room comes into play.

Warning Extreme Heat

Once hundreds of guests arrive, a room can get hot very quickly. Pre cold-soak the main room so that when the temperature invariably goes up, everyone is still comfortable. In other words, keep it chilly for as long as possible!

For more tips on the best way to utilize the space at your next event, contact us today at AmFund.


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