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Looking for Volunteers?

Check Out Some Overlooked Volunteer Groups.

There’s one simple thought process that is important to accept when it comes to the planning of a fundraising event: you need help. Volunteers are an essential component to any successful event.

Whether you are doing a silent auction, live auction, cash call or any other type of event, it takes a team of people to help carry out a seamless, well-executed event. You may have a top-notch staff that is willing to help in any way possible; but often times, this isn’t enough to get the job done.

Where are all the volunteers hiding?

Volunteers aren’t necessarily difficult to find — you just have to know the right places to look. Take a look at some of these commonly overlooked volunteer group opportunities:

1. Fraternities/Sororities — these are real “goldmines” of young students who are often looking for volunteer opportunities in their local communities.

2. Rotary/ Kiwanis International — again, these are groups that regularly look for community involvement. They often support local organizations with great causes.

3. School Athletics Teams/Cheerleaders — teams are always in support of working together out in the community. Check your local high schools to see what sport is in season during the time of your event.

4. School Bands — this is the same idea as the sports teams. These students are encouraged to find volunteer opportunities.

5. School “Boosters” parents — these parents often volunteer with their children when an opportunity comes along.

6. Colleges/Universities: Inquire as to whether or not they have classes in Philanthropy, or even better, a Nonprofit Management Major. Students generally are required to volunteer for credits.

7. Electronic sites such as:

Don’t forget your regulars

When it comes to tracking down volunteers, don’t forget about those who have helped you in the past. These tend to be dedicated people who strongly support your cause. Be sure to reach out to this group first before other groups with all of the details on how they can contribute to the success of your next event.

Stay at it — volunteers are out there

If you are in desperate need of help, don’t get stressed. Volunteers are out there! Reach out to the groups suggested above, and be sure to follow up regularly in your pursuit. When you are communicating with your potential volunteers, be clear and concise when it comes to the event’s instructions and details of what you will expect from them. This will help make the decision easier as they get a clear picture of what is needed.

For more tips on how to track down volunteers for your next event, contact us at AmFund.


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