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Maximizing Insights: The Importance of Post-Event Feedback

Here at AmFund, we know that hosting a fundraising event is a big job! No matter the format of a gala, golf tournament, or even a luncheon, these events require meticulous planning and execution. However, even the most successful events on paper always have room for improvement. Gathering insights from event attendees is invaluable for assessing the success of your event and identifying areas for change or growth, especially as it relates to your fundraising goals. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of post-event feedback and how to effectively solicit this from donors in a user-friendly manner.


Why Post-Event Feedback Matters


Post-event surveys serve as a window into the attendee experience, offering valuable insights from their perspective. Remember to put your “What’s in it for me?” hat on and think like a donor.

Here's why it's crucial to seek feedback after your event:


Evaluation of Impact: Donors are stakeholders invested in the success of your cause or organization. Their feedback provides insights into how well your event achieved its objectives and whether it resonated with the audience.


Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Feedback helps pinpoint aspects of the fundraiser that worked well and areas that need improvement. Whether it's the venue, speakers, agenda, or logistics, understanding what resonated with attendees and what fell short is key to refining future events and increasing the dollars raised.


Enhancing Engagement: By actively seeking input from your supporters, you demonstrate a commitment to listening to your audience. This fosters a sense of inclusivity and encourages donors to engage with your organization beyond the event. This ask should be a part of your organization’s donor retention strategy.


Building Relationships: Engaging donors in post-event conversations strengthens your relationship with them and their circle of influence. It shows that you value their opinion and are dedicated to delivering experiences that align with their interests and expectations.


Asking for Feedback Appropriately

While the importance of post-event feedback is clear, how you ask for it matters just as much. Here are some tips for soliciting feedback in a user-friendly manner:


Keep it Simple: Design a concise survey that focuses on key aspects of the event. Avoid lengthy questionnaires. Stick to essential questions that provide actionable insights. Your event software may already have this survey capability built in!


Timing is Everything: Send out your survey shortly after the event while it's still fresh in attendees' minds. Waiting too long may result in diminished recall and less accurate feedback and engagement.


Open-Ended Questions: While multiple-choice questions are convenient, don't underestimate the power of a few open-ended questions. They allow participants to provide nuanced feedback into areas you may not have previously considered.


Express Gratitude: Begin your survey by expressing gratitude for attendees' participation and support. A personalized thank-you message sets a positive tone and encourages honest feedback.




Post-event feedback is a valuable tool for evaluating the success of your event and shaping future fundraisers. By asking for feedback appropriately and in a user-friendly format, your organization demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and donor stewardship. Remember, every piece of feedback is an opportunity to learn and grow; after all, change is the only constant!

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