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Palette to Palate 2021 for KETCH

We received the most wonderful letter in the mail. Thank you KETCH for the wonderful note! It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with this wonderful organization for the last four years!

Dear Mrs. West,

Thank you for your kind letter and check generated from the impressive array of “Trips of a Lifetime” auctioned at the Palette to Palate 2021 event! Please convey our thanks to your team.

Joelle and Mary represented AmFund very well and made our life much easier with their presence, knowledge, interactions, and professionalism. Monica’s guidance was beneficial in the months leading up to the event while answering questions and proving information to KETCH Development Director Paula Hanna. Her years of experience plus familiarity with KETCH from previous events proved to be helpful. We had a great turnout, and guests have been very complimentary of the event.

We also recognize how wildly successful the Golden Ticket was when paired with the prize being the Key West trip! That was a draw for many participants, and the winner was ecstatic!

We are grateful for your continued partnership to boost our fundraising efforts. AmFund’s coordination and presence added value to our event, and we genuinely hope we can continue with this excellent opportunity for KETCH!

Best Wishes,

Shelia Brown

President and CEO


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