Who We Are

Wade and Barbara West worked as television news anchors and reporters at network and affiliates for more than 30 years. Despite winning Emmys, Edward R. Murrow Awards and other professional accolades, they grew tired of focusing on crime, crisis and corruption. They knew there was something better. So they left their successful TV careers to form the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the American Fundraising Foundation.

Now, rather than reporting on problems, Barbara, Wade and the dedicated members of their team, travel the country raising millions of dollars to help deserving charities solve problems one community at a time.

VP of Development
Helping organizations take their fundraising to new heights is the heart and soul of what Christina loves to do.   She uses her education and background in sales and marketing to help AmFund elevate the quality of our non-profits’ events.   If you want a bright idea, Christina has it. 
Production Manager
It takes a “mastermind” of production for AmFund to support the ever growing number of events we help to sponsor every year.  Chelsea has the organized, compartmentalized, and solution-oriented thinking that makes auction event planning and production a breeze for every organization we support.
Travel Specialist
Kind, soft-spoken, dedicated and professional, Jess knows travel inside and out.  A veteran traveler herself, she loves working with our lucky winners making their planning process easy and fun.  Like Sam, she’s a travel specialist who understands the importance of giving our organizations’ best supporters the professional white glove service they deserve.
Senior Development Director
Experienced and thorough in everything she does, Deb leaves no stone unturned in helping organizations attain their fundraising goals.  A veteran auction specialist Deb understands like no one else the vital importance of attractive displays, placement and other silent auction secrets.
VP of Operations
Every office has that special someone who “makes the world go round” by keeping everyone and everything organized and on schedule.  Jennifer is our “go to” person here at AmFund, the one we and the deserving organizations we serve can always depend on for just about everything. 
Receptionist & Office Coordinator 
Not only is she that warm, friendly voice on the phone for organizations who seek our help, but she is the one who matches our lucky winning bidders with the travel specialists who coordinate all the details of their amazing trips.  

The Team

Wade created what is today the American Fundraising Foundation 17 years ago.   A former television news anchor and reporter he became a licensed auctioneer in order to help organizations raise more money through both live and silent auctions at their special events.
Senior Development Director
 If sweetness were a person, that person would be Joy.  She knows she can’t help every organization with every event, but if she could, she would!  Joy loves reaching out to organizations to find the ones we can help the most.  For her, this is a labor of love.
Development Assistant
Sally loves helping all the groups we support every year, but she has a soft spot in her heart for those who help rescue animals. She has worked with us for more than a decade on all aspects of special event fundraising. As an extra bonus for us, Sally regularly brings in baby birds, squirrels, raccoons, kitties and puppies that need her foster care until they can be set free or find a forever home.
After 25 years anchoring the news, Barbara grew frustrated reporting on what’s wrong with the world, so she left television to devote herself to solving problems by fundraising for worthy organizations one community at a time.  She is AmFund’s co-founder.  
Senior Development Director
Smart, efficient, oh so knowledgeable about social media and event planning, Monica knows the best way to promote silent and live auction items before your event to develop “buzz,” build anticipation and boost attendance which primes the pump for more successful at-event fundraising!
Travel Specialist
For sharp, insightful travel planning, there’s no one better than Sam.  With years of experience in creating elite travel adventures, she’s the one who gets it done efficiently and professionally while providing valuable advice and guidance all the way.   Sam will stop at nothing to make sure our fortunate trip winners have the time of their lives!
Summarizing the results of special event fundraising can be a nightmare for some organizations.  Kelley wraps up all the details of the live and silent auctions Amfund sponsors and summarizes the results down to the penny.  With years of experience in financial management, Kelley gets it right every time.