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Kiss a Pig!

Well... we went to "Kiss a Pig" in Arkansas with our Trips of a Lifetime Super Silent Auction! All the net proceeds went to support the American Diabetes Association of Arkansas.

Northwest Arkansas’ finest community leaders competed for the chance to kiss a pig to recognize it for producing the first source of insulin for people with diabetes. In return, the top fundraiser earned the privilege of kissing the pig at the gala to show appreciation for the animal’s heroic role in diabetes research as the first source of insulin. Ranked as the largest charity gala in the state of Arkansas and nationwide for the American Diabetes Association, they proudly unveil the 16th annual Kiss a Pig Gala "A PIGment of Your Imagination". Event proceeds were raised to used to fund diabetes research, advocacy and educational programs for all children and adults with type 1, type 2, gestational and prediabetes in Northwest Arkansas.

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