How AmFund Supports Our Non-Profit Partners:

As news anchors and reporters, our founders, Wade and Barbara West, learned our nation’s nonprofits are vital to solving serious problems in communities everywhere.  They also discovered nonprofits never have enough funds to accomplish all they could do. And they believe no worthy nonprofit should ever have to spend money to raise money.


Based on those three basic principles, they created the American Fundraising Foundation (AmFund), now a GuideStar Platinum-rated 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping raise unrestricted funds for other deserving nonprofits.  Over the last 20 years, AmFund has contributed more than 36 million dollars to assist the work of nonprofits nationwide.

We Look for Deserving Organizations:

AmFund representatives reach out to nonprofits that might qualify for our support.  We know we can’t help everyone, so we carefully select organizations based on their dedication to their cause, the quality of their work, their financial need, and their current fundraising efforts.  When our Board of Directors approves an organization for support, there is absolutely no cost for our services and assistance. 

AmFund Assists Nonprofits in 3 Ways:

1.  We train and partner with organizations to enhance their special event fundraising.

For more than 20 years, AmFund has helped thousands of organizations at their fundraising events.  From planning and procuring items including

obtaining amazing trips for live, silent and on-line auctions, to emceeing

and conducting live auctions and enhancing the appeal for donations;

AmFund developed valuable expertise in all aspects of at-event fundraising. We share that experience in national and regional seminars and help our nonprofit partners fine-tune their fundraising. That results in much higher net profits at their special events. 

2.  We provide silent and live auction support for select fundraising events.

Through years of experience AmFund has learned world class trips and adventures generate the highest bids at special events. Yet these trips are difficult if not impossible for organizations to procure on their own.  AmFund solves that problem by providing amazing trips specially curated for affluent audiences who attend fundraising events.  We back that up with a cadre of experienced travel specialists who turn every trip in to an exciting adventure packed with picture-perfect memories.   


With more than two decades of providing these trips and adventures, helping to promote them before and during events, and handling all of the travel bookings for winning bidders, AmFund has an unmatched track record of supporting organizations and treating trip winners as the valued supporters they are. 

3.  AmFund Provides Grants

AmFund retains no profit on the trips we provide to organizations for special events.  All the profits are returned to the organizations we support.  If, at the end of the year, AmFund has surplus funds, we distribute those funds to organizations who apply for our grant-level assistance.  

AmFund's Trips of a Lifetime:

Whether it’s relaxing in the beautiful Greek Islands, going on an amazing African photo safari, or taking a luxury cruise to Alaska, or any of the other exciting adventures AmFund provides, your supporters are thrilled to enjoy their exciting trips while knowing they are also helping your nonprofit and those who depend on you for help.   


With years of experience and connections with bespoke vacation vendors worldwide, AmFund obtains these high-quality trips at  exceptionally low cost. 100% of the proceeds of the trip sales are donated to your organization. That’s how we have been able to  donate more than $36 million in unrestricted funds to our nonprofit partners.


Receiving AmFund recognition and support provides additional benefits for your organization:


  • When supporters learn about the exciting trips available for bid at your upcoming event, it creates pre-event “buzz” that increases attendance.


  • AmFund’s beautiful “Trips of a Lifetime” display instantly impresses your guests and they automatically assume your organization has become more important!  This increases their interest in supporting your work.


  • Every dollar you receive from trip proceeds is another dollar of unrestricted income you can use to fulfill your important mission.


  • When trip winners return from their bucket list trips, they frequently become high-value long-term donors to your organization.  At the same time, they tell their business and social peers about their wonderful trip and the importance of what you do.  That also adds more donors to your organization!

The Value of Partnering with AmFund:

Everything AmFund does, it does to benefit our nonprofit partners.  We charge nothing for our services.  Our support is always at a high sponsorship level. That’s why we are especially careful to select the organizations we feel are deserving of our support.


One of our Development Directors may call you.  If so, that’s because we may have already identified your organization as possibly worthy of more unrestricted financial support.  When the AmFund Development Director calls, it’s one nonprofit reaching out to help another nonprofit. 


Or, if you wish to find out if your organization qualifies for our help, contact us at or call (407) 895-8000 and one of our Development Directors will contact you. 

Wade West


A former television news anchor and reporter, Wade was media trainer for members of Congress and on behalf of the U.N. and U.S. State Department, he taught physicians and government officials around the world how to use media to fight illicit drug use and eradicate human trafficking. A popular emcee and fundraiser at special events, Wade became a licensed auctioneer and founded what is now AmFund, the American Fundraising Foundation. He pioneered the concept of “Travel for a Good Cause” by creating bespoke travel adventures to raise large amounts of additional funds for qualified organizations at their fundraising events.  Since its inception 20 years ago, AmFund has written checks for more than $32 million to deserving nonprofit organizations.

Barbara West


As a television news journalist, Barbara enjoyed reporting about the powerful work nonprofits did in our communities.   Her televised blood drives raised more than 60,000 units of blood and her stories on health and community needs generated floods of financial contributions.  She personally raised 2.7 million dollars for survivors of the first responders who lost their lives on 9-11.  After anchoring the news for 25 years, Barbara left television to devote herself to fundraising for deserving organizations nationwide. She is AmFund’s co-founder.

Deborah Marshall

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

An expert in strategic initiatives, Deborah is a seasoned and innovative administrator who oversees all operations at the American Fundraising Foundation. She has held significant leadership roles in nonprofit management, fundraising, healthcare, business development, marketing and public relations, and real estate investment.

Deborah knows first-hand the challenges our nonprofit partners face in the ever-changing climate of grant cycles and funding shortages. Her disciplined and logical approach to managing any situation, combined with her business acumen and passion for success, provide a firm foundation for AmFund’s phenomenal growth in helping hundreds of deserving nonprofits nationwide achieve their fundraising goals.

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