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Each year, the American Fundraising Foundation (AmFund) carefully chooses organizations to support through their programs to provide much-needed unrestricted funds for their missions. Everything AmFund does, it does to benefit its nonprofit partners at no cost. Currently, AmFund supports over 700 organizations each year. 

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Education Support Program
     We train organizations to enhance their knowledge to better support their missions.

For more than 20 years, AmFund has helped thousands of organizations, from planning and procuring items including obtaining amazing trips for live, silent and on-line auctions, to helping them attract sponsors and cultivating their younger generation of donors; AmFund developed valuable expertise in all aspects of nonprofit subject matter. We share that experience in national and regional seminars and help our nonprofit partners fine-tune their fundraising.

The American Fundraising Foundation Speaker’s Bureau is comprised of a team of renowned Development Experts who take great joy in spearheading creative campaigns and sharing best practices with nonprofits across the globe. With backgrounds ranging from biological sciences to recruitment and sales, you can always count on the team at AmFund to deliver a unique perspective in their training and educational materials, available to all of the nonprofits with whom the American Fundraising Foundation partners. The Fundraising Experts at AmFund look forward to leading you through this informative session. This program offers professional training for Development Directors, Executive Directors, Board Members, and others leveraging more than two decades of fundraising experience. In addition, it provides expertise in a wide variety of topics for groups ranging in size from 12 to 1000.


Signature Fundraising Travel Program

     Giving Donors the opportunity to invest in your mission with their next vacation.

Our signature program provides a unique fundraising element for select nonprofit organizations to raise unrestricted funds without a line-item or associated cost.


Through years of experience, AmFund has learned world class trips and experiences with our signature three years and no blackout dates to travel generate the highest bids at special events. Through this program, we provide amazing trips specially designed for affluent audiences who can have the biggest impact on your fundraising.  We back that up with a cadre of experienced travel specialists who turn every trip into an exciting adventure packed with picture-perfect memories.   


With more than two decades of providing these trips and adventures, helping to promote them before and during events, and handling all of the travel bookings for winning bidders, AmFund has an unmatched track record of supporting organizations and treating trip winners as the valued supporters they are. 


Golden Pear Grant Program

AmFund retains no profit on the trips we provide to organizations for special events. All the profits are donated to the organizations we support. We carefully manage our overhead costs to ensure maximum donations are given to other nonprofit organizations. If at the end of the year, AmFund has a surplus, we distribute those funds through our Golden Pear Grants. Applications for the grants are open to all nonprofit organizations and are rigorously reviewed before awards are distributed.

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