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Name That Tune!

Not only is it fun to support a great organization at a truly entertaining event, but it is even more fun when the winning bidders happen to be the Aunt and Uncle of one of our Development Directors! The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Name That Tune Gala!

The roots of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (GSO) extend back to the 1920’s when a group of musicians at Woman’s College (now UNCG) banded together under the direction of Henry Fuchs. In 1959, the Greensboro Symphony Society was created with the goals of promoting and fostering musical culture and education in the community. Under the leadership of Miles Wolff, the first president of the Symphony Society and editor of the Greensboro Daily News & Record, the Society was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1959.

The Greensboro Symphony offers a comprehensive suite of education programs, including OrKIDStra: weekly music classes and annual concerts for 4-year-olds in Head Start across five counties, The Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings Program at elementary schools offering group classes and private lessons, the Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra program of multiple ensembles, School Concert Programs serving over 36,000 students each year, and community programs including performances at retirement homes, juvenile detention centers, and CaringSound at Cone Hospital.

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