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An Open Letter from Deborah Marshall, Chief Operating Officer

On behalf of the entire AmFund Team we would like to extend our best wishes to our nonprofit partners during this unprecedented time.

We also want to update you on some of the actions we are taking to assist you, as you contemplate the best course of action for your organization and the sustainability of your important mission.

Many of our partner organizations are creatively moving to a virtual fundraising event this year. In response to your needs, the American Fundraising Foundation has developed AmFund VIP – your virtual silent auction. It is easy to launch, ready for online or mobile offerings and can help you quickly raise essential unrestricted funds, something that is needed by all our nonprofit partners. Having worked with us before, you know we offer extraordinary trips that have our signature “three years to travel with no blackout dates”. Now more than ever, that lengthy travel window is important to your donors that want to support your organization as well as feel that their investment in a trip is secure. AmFund VIP can be one of the best answers to your virtual event planning.

I am proud to share with you, that for any past trip award recipient nearing the end of their three-year expiration date, the Board of Directors of AmFund has agreed to extend the expiration date another year! That is just one of the ways we are honoring our nonprofits and their patrons. You can rest assured that over the course of our 20-year history, our primary goal is to ensure that not only are we helping you raise much needed unrestricted funds but are also making ourselves available as a trusted advisor.

Our weekly blog offers timely information about steps to take when postponing an event, how to maintain your presence during chaotic times and so much more. You can access our blogs by

For more information about our AmFund VIP virtual silent auction or to discuss plans for your next event, please call us at 407-895-8000 or email me at For the safety of our own staff, we are working remotely; however, we are fully operational and you will have access to our exceptional Development Directors immediately.

It is our honor to work with you. We look forward to conquering this worldwide virus and pray that each of you remain healthy.

Sincerely yours,

Deborah Marshall

Deborah K. Marshall

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