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5 Ways To Remotely Grow Your Nonprofit’s Following

As always, we want to start things off by wishing everyone safe and well during this difficult time. As social distancing continues across our nation, many of our nonprofit partners are trekking on with remote work. If you need some help transitioning your nonprofit into a remote workforce, check out our previous blog entry. In today’s blog entry, we will discuss some concrete methods that will help grow your nonprofit following from a remote standpoint.

It’s no secret that nonprofits work closely with various members of their surrounding communities. With that said, it never hurts to find more supporters to help you with your worthy cause. For this reason, it’s vital that you continue to spread the word about your organization’s work. During difficult times like these, expanding your following is more important than ever.

Let’s dive into some methods that can help grow your following during this time period. These are all strategies that your nonprofit can implement directly into your remote workforce today.

1. Be Present on Social Media. Social media may seem like the obvious solution to connect with the community during this time. However, it’s more than just the occasional post. Create a schedule of posts that will keep your communication regular. Be sure to utilize different platforms beyond Facebook. Twitter and Instagram are effective as well. Post videos, pictures, and important updates to keep your audience engaged. Constant communication on social media will help lead you to new followers.

2. Host a Webinar. Webinars gives you the opportunity to get in front of new and established supporters in an online live environment. You can talk and teach about anything related to your cause. If you are unfamiliar with the logistics of hosting a webinar, don’t worry. It’s a fairly simple process. We recommend checking out Adobe Connect. You can sign up for a free 90-day access period. This will give you the chance to test things out before going live.

3. Improve your Website. How many times over the past year have you said this: “I wish we had time to update our website.” Well, now is that time! Remove any outdated information. Clean up any clunky sections of the site that hinder a user-friendly experience. Make sure all essential information is presented clearly and concisely. All of these improvements will entice visitors to return in the future. People will also be more likely to share your site with others after a positive experience.

4. Plan your Future Calendar. Even though the future is uncertain, it doesn’t hurt to look ahead. Continue planning out your calendar to the best of your abilities. If you are planning out live events in the distant future, be sure to share this information. People will certainly be excited at the thought of getting back to normal someday. If your live events are on hold, consider virtual events. If you need some assistance, our virtual silent auction — AmFund VIP — is easy to launch, ready for online or mobile offerings, and can help you quickly raise essential unrestricted funds.

5. Update your Internal Procedures. Now is the time to get organized. There may be internal procedures that need some updating within your organization. Take a look through your company handbook to see what operations need tweaking.

You may be surprised to find that this improvement process will lead you to new and improved ways to help your organization connect with a larger audience.

Don’t let the idea of a remote workforce slow down your efforts. If you feel stuck, implement some of the above-mentioned methods to kick-start some valuable projects that will help your nonprofit continue to move forward. If you run into challenges along the way, reach out to us at AmFund. Our staff is ready to help you in any way that we can. We will ALL get through this TOGETHER!


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