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A Checklist Guide to Help you Choose the Right Mobile Bidding Platform

Many nonprofit organizations have found themselves scrambling to make changes to their business models over these last few hectic months. The pandemic has brought with it many different challenges that require nonprofits to make adaptions all across the board. Most notably, the virtual event format is taking center stage. A virtual fundraiser is not only a safer way to interact with your donors, but it’s also turning out to be quite a successful option in today’s world of uncertainties.

In regard to a virtual fundraiser, there’s a good chance that your organization will be using a mobile bidding platform in the near future (if you haven’t already used one). For those who are new to this kind of software, this blog will provide you with a checklist to help you monitor the key components to look for in your search. For those who are currently using mobile bidding software, we recommend filling out this checklist to make sure that you are choosing the best platform to meet your specific needs.

Use this checklist below to help you decide on the mobile bidding platform that is best for your organization:

ð The software is PCI compliant. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. Being PCI compliant means consistently adhering to a set of guidelines set forth by the PCI Standards Council. Any merchant that wants to process, store or transit credit card data is required to be PCI compliant.

ð The price and percentages are fair. Be sure to read the fine print on how the pricing structure works. Some platforms charge by the transaction plus a flat rate.

ð Do you have the option to choose “Bid” and “Buy Now?” It’s important to have both of these options for your donors to choose from during your auctions.

ð Do they have a donate button for your open ask levels? This is another important part of your auction that would be very unfortunate to get left out.

ð Are there options that you can control before your donors view the items? In other words, do your donors have to register a credit card before being able to view the items?

ð Are you able to view samples of what the mobile bidding software looks like? Let’s face it, appearance means a lot. You want to have a user-friendly set up that is aesthetically pleasing and easy for your donors to navigate.

ð Is there an option to highlight higher ticket items? It’s always nice to spotlight your big items whenever possible.

ð Are there capable video options? In other words, can you post videos along with pictures of your items if needed?

ð Is there reliable tech support? Take a look at what kind of tech support you will receive if there is an issue. Is there a designated person that you can work with leading up to and during an event? You need and deserve real time support.

ð Do you have the ability to integrate the auction data with your internal database? Inspect the integration features to see how the platform communicates with outside programs.

ð Can you sell multiples of one item if needed? This is a nice feature that dramatically increase your fundraising.

ð Is there sufficient data reporting after the auction is complete? Examples of this are popular bidding times, bidding trends, average bid, etc.

ð Can guests use the software to register and purchase tickets for the event? This a great feature to help manage your event all within this one platform.

ð Does the platform allow for an embedded live feed of your virtual program? This feature would allow a “one-stop shop” for guests to visit one link to both view your virtual program, bid and donate.

Like so many organizations this year, AmFund found the need to pivot. We normally attend our nonprofit partners in-person events and provide incredible trips of a lifetime for their live and silent auctions through our Fundraising Travel Program. Organizations found themselves having to cancel and reschedule events resulting in a need to find other mechanisms for fundraising. Borne out of that need, we created the AmFund VIP Virtual Program. We expanded this program to include an exciting new opportunity for our approved nonprofit partners, with our own electronic bidding platform. During the creation of our platform we used this check list to ensure the best experience and maximized fundraising capability for our nonprofit partners. The result, a secure and aesthetically pleasing platform allowing organizations to conduct their auctions, provide a place for organizations’ to appeal to their patrons with an open ask, as well as view a live stream of their virtual event, all in one place. For more information to find out if you qualify for our AmFund VIP Program contact us today.

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