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A Story of Travelers' Gratitude

One of our traveling couples enjoyed their AmFund experience and their trip to the Amalfi coast so much that they wanted to send a gift to their travel specialist – Doug. They called and asked our Director of Travel if he was married because they wanted to get something for his wife as well. The package arrived and it was Italian candy for Doug and a lovely red scarf for his wife.

Each of our travel specialist are recognized from time to time with special words and cards and we want to make a practice of sharing that with not only the rest of our team internally, but our nonprofit partners, whose donors are traveling for their good cause! In this instance, they were traveling in support of The Rotary Club of Albuquerque!

Thanks Doug for making the experience AWESOME. And Thank You Travel Specialists for all you do, day in and day out. WE appreciate you and know that the fulfillment of a Trip of a Lifetime is held sacredly in your hands!


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