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A Sure-Fire Way to Fill Sponsorship Tables in 3 Steps!

The sponsors at your event provide an important presence. Not only does your organization rely on the ongoing support of these sponsors, but these sponsors can also have a direct impact on the fundraising aspect at your event. Of course, if you don’t take some precautionary steps to ensure the presence of your sponsors, you run the risk of having empty sponsorship tables. Needless to say, an empty sponsorship table is an embarrassing look that you want to avoid at all costs.

We at AmFund have found some very useful methods over the years that can help encourage your sponsors to not only attend your event, but also to fill their tables with deep pockets that can help expand your donor base.

Always keep this in mind: sponsors are much more impactful when they send the heads of the company and their friends.

Lower level employees just don’t have the same pull. If at all possible, it’s always a good idea to add a personal touch when invitation the top people at sponsor's company. A direct call to these top leaders is always a good idea as well.

Let’s take a closer look at some more tips and methods to help you manage the sponsorship tables at your next event.

  • Step 1: Call sponsors one month before the event to thank them for their support. Ask them: "What special guests are planning to bring with you?” Be sure to also express your excitement about seeing them at the event. This serves as a good reminder of the event while simultaneously giving you an idea of who will attend.

  • Step 2: Ask your sponsors to carefully consider who they plan to bring to your fundraising event. If your sponsors don't know yet who they will be bringing (and 90% of them will not yet know), suggest that they invite people who they are currently doing business with (or even prospective business partners), spouses, and their friends. Again, this is a great way to expand your donor list. Let them know when you will be calling back so that they can be prepared to tell you who will be on their personal guest list. Be sure to call back at that time to get the names of their guests.

This again serves as another reminder of the event. It also allows your sponsors the opportunity to show off their social philanthropy to friends, colleagues and potential clients.

  • Step 3: Add that personal touch. When you go through the process of gathering the names of your sponsors’ representatives and guests, you can follow through by greeting your guests by name at your event. This little extra personal touch will go a long way with your sponsors. It shows that your organization takes the time to personally appreciate those who support your cause.

Filling up your sponsorship tables is an important component to the planning of your next fundraising event. Reach out to us at AmFund for more assistance with your sponsors. At the end of the day, every little detail that you include in this communication process can positively impact the monetary results of your fundraising event.


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