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Always Be Networking: 3 Potential Sources for Corporate Sponsorships

When it comes time to analyze the financial piece of your event planning, you will notice that it’s always nice to have corporate funding whenever you can get it. Certainly this is no secret to those who plan fundraising events. The real challenge is getting corporate sponsors on board. This is where we at AmFund can help. We have years of experience in this arena, and we want to take some time to help you with some ideas that will help you procure more corporate funding.

Start with your board. Your organization’s board could be a gold mine of resources sitting right under your nose. There’s a good chance that someone on your board has a connection with a corporate sponsor that may be willing to fund your next event. Having the right connection and getting your foot in the door is often times the biggest key to getting a corporate sponsor on board.

Attend community meetings. It’s all about networking. Make some friends at community meetings. Rotary clubs, Kiwanis International, Women Leagues, and Chamber of Commerce are some great places to start making some new friends. These friends could end up being major supporters of your cause down the road.

Greet new businesses with open arms. When a new business opens up in town, approach them with the assurance that every business in town supports your organization. You are there to make it easy for them to start off on the right foot (or paw). Check with your local government office for a monthly list of new corporations and DBAs that were recently filed.

These reports are usually relatively inexpensive (and sometimes free, depending on your local government).

It all comes down to networking

When you take a second to think about it, everything comes down to your networking efforts when you are trying to receive corporate funding for your events. You need to be willing to put yourself out there if you want to meet new people in your community. Corporate sponsors aren’t just going to waltz into your organization and hand you a check.

Make sure you are busy spreading the word about your company’s mission any chance that you can get. Whether it’s in-person, on the phone, through e-mail or even through social media, start connecting with other businesses to share your passion for your cause. Your passion will resonate with others and THIS will help get them on board as a corporate sponsor.

*Bonus Tip: follow up with bidders you don’t know, maybe your networking is closer than you think.

For more tips and insights on how to get more corporate funding for your next fundraising event, contact us at AmFund. Our team of experienced nonprofit Development Directors are ready to help!


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