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Do More with your Sponsorship Level Names

It’s important to have multiple sponsorship levels made available to your sponsors. At nearly all fundraising events, you will see these levels being advertised in multiple areas (programs, brochures, banners, etc). More than likely, the same old titles are being used at every event: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. While these titles certainly can work for sponsorship level names, consider livening things up a bit with some inventive titles that will add a fun touch to your event. Let’s take a look at some ideas to help you with this initiative.

Sponsorship names

Have some fun – your sponsors will appreciate it

Sponsorship levels

We all know the importance of having sponsors involved with your event. They provide donations and funding to help your organization carry out its goals. When it comes time to label those sponsorship levels, have a little fun with it.

Your sponsors will enjoy being a part of something a little different than usual. Your sponsors have probably been bronze, silver, gold or platinum at other events in the past.

Let them fall into a different category that is fun, but still gives them their kudos for all their support.

Here are some creative examples that AmFund has used in the past (for a full list of Theme ideas get in touch with us!):

Aquatic critters: (for a watershed nonprofit) Hellbender, Stonefly, and Rainbow Trout.

Dance academy: Founder, Artistic Director, Prima Ballerina, Master, Soloist, Visiting Artist, and Choreographer.

Wild Wild West: Grand Marshal, Sharp Shooter, Wing Dinger, Sundance Kid, Ranger, Trail Boss, and Rancher (and lot more that you can use for this theme).

dogs and puppies

Make sure your Sponsorship Level Name Ties in with your Theme

Once you have a theme nailed down for your fundraising event, make sure you stick with this theme all across the board during your planning. Of course, when you are picking out names for sponsorship levels, you need to keep your theme in mind. Just like with some of the examples above, you can read the list of names and easily figure out the type of event. For example, let’s say you read through the sponsor levels and the names are: Bulldog, Terrier, Poodle, Great Dane, and Yorkie. You will know immediately that this is some kind of Dog Rescue event.

The bottom line: be creative, but make sure you stay within your theme.

For help picking out creative sponsorship level names for your next event and for a list of over 100 themes and Sponsorship Level names, contact us at AmFund. We have done thousands of events with some inventive sponsorship level names that are sure to add a fun touch for your sponsors!


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