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Don’t Let Your Fundraiser Get Stopped Before It Can Get Started

When you are planning out your next fundraising event, there’s one aspect of your event that should not be overlooked: the flow of traffic. What do we mean by this? Most specifically, we will focus on the cocktail hour and what you need to do in order to facilitate an environment that promotes socialization amongst your guests. In other words, you want your guests up and about and talking with one another!

Consider the cocktail hour

Let’s dive a little deeper into the concept that we laid out above by looking at the cocktail hour. The cocktail hour is important because it kicks off your entire event. If your cocktail hour does not go over well with your guests, it sets a bad tone for the remainder of the event.

Let’s start off by talking about what a good cocktail hour should accomplish. Your cocktail hour should be full of lively people who are excited to support your cause. It is an excellent opportunity for people to socialize and network.

Your team members should also be amongst those who are socializing with guests and taking advantage of this time to fundraise. It’s a loose atmosphere that allows your guests to connect on a personal level. This kind of environment will help your guests connect with your organization and its mission.

Here’s what NOT TO DO at your cocktail hour

DO NOT set up seating. Some organizations set up seating with a buffet of hors d’oeuvres made available. This kind of set up will hinder the success of your cocktail hour. Traffic is halted as guests are confined to their seats. The lively group that we described above is nowhere to be found.

If you feel the need to provide seating, provide limited seating on the outer edge of the room. This will provide those who need to sit with a place to go without encouraging the entire room to be stationary.

A good cocktail hour sets the tone

As we mentioned earlier, your cocktail hour kicks off the entire event. You want good energy to flow through your event right from the get-go — this is how you help raise more money for your worthy cause!

For more assistance with planning out your cocktail hour and other facets of your event, reach out to us at AmFund. Our friendly, experienced team will make sure your next fundraising event is a success!


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