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Elevate Your Travel Auction in 2024

With the Fall Fundraising Season quickly approaching, our AmFund team wishes all of our nonprofit partners a happy and healthy fundraising season and an enjoyable conclusion to summer!

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to finalize our support commitments for our Fall 2024 Calendar. AmFund is proud to partner with over 600 organizations annually and has distributed over $57 million to worthy causes through our Fundraising Programs and Grants since its founding in 1999.

If you are planning a 2024 fall gala, golf tournament, or luncheon and would like to be considered for support through our Fundraising Travel Program, please visit to submit a request to discuss your fundraising needs.

Other advantages of our sponsorship:


  • Full suite of marketing materials: We provide a robust collection of marketing collateral to create excitement before your event and encourage ticket sales.  

  • Turnkey Element: If our Board approves support, there is no risk to your organization. Should a trip not receive a bid, no one is on the hook. 

  • AmFund Table Host: For events granted our highest level of support, our sponsorship includes an AmFund representative hosting the Destination Station. This gives your donors someone face-to-face to speak with about the trips and, most importantly, gets them excited (and competitively bidding!) to win and travel for your good cause.  

  • Tailored for Success: Years of expertise have taught us the winning formula for crafting world-class trips that garner substantial overbids. Our in-house Travel Team strategically creates a collection suitable for your patron demographics.  

  • Selling Multiples: We allow outbid bidders to match the winning bid at the event, maximizing your fundraising opportunities. We will honor the original winning bid amount from your event, so if winners add additional couples to their trips within three years, we will honor the same price, and you will get another donation check!   

Reminder: It is important to note that AmFund’s programs are completely independent from one another. This means that regardless of whether you are awarded a grant through the Golden Pear Grant opportunity, you are still eligible and encouraged to apply for our other support programs. Application for AmFund’s Golden Pear Grant Program is open until July 16th at 3pm ET.


The national headquarters of AmFund is located in Florida and is dedicated to empowering worthy nonprofits by providing much-needed unrestricted funds. Its Educational Foundation is a Federally recognized 501(c)3 and provides professional training for Development Directors, Executive Directors, Board Members, and others, leveraging over two decades of fundraising experience. In addition, it offers expertise in a wide variety of topics for groups ranging in size from 12 to 1000.

Nonprofit organizations interested in being considered for our unrestricted funding programs can apply for support by visiting or calling 407-895-8000.


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