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Eliminate Lines at your Next Event — or at Least Make them Fun!

When it comes to your fundraising event, it’s important to make every effort possible to keep your guests happy and your event moving forward. After all, these are your biggest supporters! And at the end of the day, we want to make sure it stays that way. With this in mind, we will focus in on controlling a very important component of any special event: minimizing and eliminating your registration lines.

NOBODY likes to wait in line

Whether it’s at the grocery store or at a large fundraising event, nobody likes waiting in line. This is why it’s so important to find ways to eliminate lines at your events.

Fortunately, we have some great insights on this topic that we are excited to share with you. Even if you end up with a line, we can help you keep your guests happy no matter what!

Take a look at a few of these ideas below to help better manage your lines:

· Have a step and repeat with props and photographer before check-in.

"Walk and Snap" Step and Repeat which had photographers set up at each one as guests progressed through the line to registration.

This may not minimize the lines depending on how you set it up, but it sure will keep your guests occupied while they wait to check in. It’s also nice to get pictures out of the way so that guests can socialize and take a peek at your auction items during the cocktail hour.

· Encourage people to come at a scheduled group arrival time, and stagger their arrival times by groups.Obviously, some people will come during the wrong group, but your guests will appreciate the fact that you are trying to minimize the line. Here’s an example of how this works: Registration opens at 6pm. Cocktail hour begins at 6:30 pm. Dinner/the event is at 7:30 pm. "We invite you to check in at registration during the 6:10 pm slot to minimize your time in line and take some fun photos with our photographer!"

· Serve champagne to guests who are waiting in line. Again, this idea won’t minimize the lines, but it will definitely help keep your guests happy if wait times get a little long.

Remember, it’s the little things that matter sometimes. The management of your registration lines should not be overlooked. Your guests will appreciate your efforts to eliminate lines — or your attempts to make them a little more fun during the wait! If you are looking for more tips and insights to help out with your next fundraising event, reach out to us at AmFund.


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