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Find the Right Name for your Open Ask

A Name is a Name is a Name...Not!

The ‘open ask’ portion of your event is an essential component to raising funds for your organization. This is the time to let your guests know exactly what your organization does and how your efforts positively affect the community.

Open Ask Names

Put some Thought into your Open Ask Name

As we discussed, the ‘open ask’ is an important piece to your fundraising event. Coming up with an inspiring name for your ‘open ask’ is also imperative.

Nonprofit Organizations

You want to land on a name that captures the heart of your organization. This will draw your guests in as you present them with information. For example, maybe “Fund the Dream” would work well if you provide services that help children live better lives.

Take a look at some of these examples below to help give you some ideas. There may even be a name listed here that works well for your organization. If not, we at AmFund can certainly help you out!

Open Ask Name Examples:

  • Mission Moment

  • Special Appeal

  • Fund the Inspiration

  • Greatest Need

  • Nothing for Something

  • Fund the Dream

  • Gift from the Heart

  • Call to Action

  • Give the Dream

  • Give a Chance to Dream

  • Dream Big, Give Bigger

  • Pledge Auction

  • Paddles Up

  • Mission Moment Paddles Up

  • Fund-a-Need

  • Going, Going, Give

  • Fund the Mission

  • Fund a Future

  • Raise the Rake- for a gardening organization

  • Champion Call

  • Opportunity bid

  • Dedicated giving

  • Key to the Cure

  • Raise the Paddle

  • Live Ask

  • Fund a Dream, Make Dreams Real

  • Giving Moment

The Success is in the Details

Picking a name for your ‘open ask’ may seem like a minor detail in your planning process, but it’s these small elements that can lead to successful end results for your fundraising event. An inspiring name for your ‘open ask’ may help grab the attention of a few extra potential donors. A good ‘open ask’ name also provides a strong connection to what your organization is all about. For more ideas and tips to help make your next fundraising event a success, contact us at AmFund.


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