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Giving Back: Host A Holiday Party That Really Means Something

At AmFund, our mission is to support nonprofits and their worthy causes by helping them raise much-needed funds for their organizations. And while we certainly have an expertise in special event fundraising, international travel and hosting silent and live auctions, we are always on the lookout for other creative ideas to share with our nonprofit partners. With that said, we came across a great idea that we hope will catch on among other organizations: combine a corporate holiday party with your charitable cause.

The Holidays Are About Giving Back

The holiday season is a hectic time of year. It’s so easy to get swept up with our busy schedules that we forget what the season is all about: giving back to those in need. This is where a charitable holiday party comes into play. Businesses are already holding holiday parties for their employees, so why not approach them and ask them to have their party benefit you? It’s a fun way to get corporate employees involved in a meaningful celebration that will have everyone feeling good about their jobs, not to mention a great PR opportunity for the company, and a potential tax write off for their company.

How Does This Charitable Holiday Party Work?

Fortunately, setting up a charitable holiday party is easy. Here are a few suggestions you can make to business when you approach them to help get things organized:

- Get your employees on board. Let your employees know what is going on with the party. Remind them of the meaning behind the party: supporting a nonprofit organization and their commendable cause.

- Let your employees pick the charitable organization. Select a number of worthy nonprofit organizations and then let your employees vote on the one that will be supported at the party. In doing so, you are allowing your employees to have a closer connection to the act of giving back.

- Use the Invitations to Promote the Cause. Include a write up about your organization in the invitation to the party for the employees to share with their dates. This will acquaint them with your organization before the party (and it is a great way to also grow your future donors).

- Organize a donation idea for the charity. Rather than doing a “Secret Santa” gift exchange this year, explain to your employees that it would be more beneficial to donate to the charitable organization that is tied in with your holiday party. This could be small gifts that are related to the organization, or it could be small financial donations that will add up to a larger amount.

- Consider a silent auction or raffle. A silent auction or raffle is a fun activity that you can host at your holiday party. Your employees can bid on items with all of the money raised going towards your chosen charity. Perhaps even a n Exclusive Travel Auction, to encourage guests to travel in support of your good cause!

- Take Photos. Don’t forget that this is a great PR piece for your business and a big donation check letter and with your employees dressed in festive Christmas attire is just the ticket for good press.

Having a business host a holiday party in support of your nonprofit organization is a win-win scenario for your nonprofit. Along with the support of a noble cause, their employees will feel good about their work by supporting an organization that is near and dear to their hearts. For more ideas on how to maximize your fundraising at your next special event, contact us at AmFund. We look forward to learning about your worthy cause!


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