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The Importance of VIP: To VIP or not to VIP at your Special Event?

When it comes to the VIPs at your organization’s next fundraising event, such as a gala, make sure you take care of these special guests as much as possible. After all, we are talking about very important people! That title in itself is enough to tell you that there are a few extra steps involved with VIPs at your event, but they are well worth it!

Give the VIPs the first crack at bidding

When you host your VIPs at your silent auction, give them the first chance to bid. Allowing them to bid first provides them with a quiet, calm environment to place their bids. This is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated by your VIP guests. This quieter time is also a great time to meet up with any new faces that were brought along. It’s a perfect chance to grow your list of donors.

While things are still quiet and calm, take this time to do a photo-op. Make sure to print them up and send them out with your thank you’s after the event.

Personalize the relationship

Take the time to toast your VIPs. Share with them some examples of how their generosity has helped improve your organization’s cause. Executive Directors and Development Directors should take the opportunity to personally engage in conversations with each VIP guest. Personally thanking each individual will go a long way when it comes to the future of your relationships.

If any of your board members or committee members are present, have them thank your VIPs as well. As mentioned, doing all of this before the main event begins will make things easier to give special individualized attention.

Provide some VIP benefits

There’s nothing like getting some VIP perks at a fundraising special event. Make sure you build in some benefits for your VIP guests to keep them happy for the long-term. Offer them an open bar, a glass of champagne upon arrival, special hors d’oeurves, or even free valet. You can even let your VIP guests check out early from the silent auction. It’s these little perks that leave big impressions. After all, VIPs are usually required to pay a higher ticket fee, so many of these little benefits are expected by these guests.

For more tips on how to handle the VIP guests at your next special event, reach out to us at AmFund. Our staff is made up of a number of well-rounded professionals who are equipped with years of valuable fundraising event experience!


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