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The Science of the Charity Live Auction

There is a certain science behind every successful live auction. After all, these events don’t just put themselves together. It takes a combination of planning, hard work, and expertise to get these events right. When it comes to the aspect of expertise, AmFund has you covered. We have years of experience with live auction events. In other words, we have gone through many trial and error approaches over the years with various live auctions. We know what works and what doesn’t.

With that said, let’s take a look at the science behind the live auction. These are some valuable tips that will ensure a successful live auction for your nonprofit organization.

The Introduction Sets the Tone

At the beginning of your fundraiser, we find it best to start out with a short 2 to 3 minute video that showcases the people that your organization serves. This provides a first-hand look at the exact reason for holding your fundraiser. If you don’t have a video, be sure to put on a powerful 2 to 3 minute speech in its place. This speech should be similar in message to the video. Talk about the people you serve and what it takes for your organization to get the job done this year.

When you introduce your live auction, make it quick and professional. One quick tip: never mention the bad economy as a reason for why your organization needs help. This seems to be a common line at fundraisers, but this phrase should be avoided at all costs. It ALWAYS backfires. Donors think about the various negative impacts of the bad economy and it will cause their wallets to slam shut!

Keep the Pace Moving

The live auction should be fast-paced and exciting. It should be presented in a way that enthralls the entire room. At AmFund, our professional team specializes in producing high end, professional live fundraising auctions that are sure to entertain any crowd.

Keep things fast-paced, but make sure you have enough time in your event for the auction to be effective. Moving too fast can be confusing – and even annoying. Rushing can even cost you high bids! We recommend 3 to 4 minutes to present and auction off each item. This is just enough time to properly present the item in a way that is effective, yet concise.

An ideal live auction will have about 6 to 8 items. If the live auction is your main event, then you should have more items. Many organizations enjoy our live auction so much that they don’t need any other forms of entertainment! If you do decide to go with additional entertainment, such as dancing or raffle winners, be sure to schedule these AFTER the live auction is over. Once the fundraising is complete, THEN you can let everyone go and let off some steam on the dance floor!

For more insight and tips on the science behind the live auction, reach out to us at AmFund. Our experienced staff will make sure your organization puts on an entertaining live auction that will bring in the much needed funds that it takes to support your valuable cause.


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