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Thinking Outside the Box With Your Facebook Efforts

It’s no secret that Facebook is a HUGE marketing tool for nonprofit organizations. The question for nonprofits shouldn’t be “Should we be using Facebook?” The answer to that question is undoubtedly YES. The real question is this: “How should we be using Facebook?”

If you feel a bit “stuck” with your Facebook efforts, we are here to give you a new burst of energy when it comes to how you manage your nonprofit’s Facebook page. In other words, these ideas will help you reach new audiences and encourage your current followers to support your organization more regularly.

1) Go Beyond the Usual Facebook Page Management Tasks

There are a few basic tasks required to run a successful Facebook page. You need to share content on a regular basis, interact with your followers and advertise to reach new audiences. If you do these things, there’s a good chance your Facebook page is quite successful. Don’t get us wrong, these tasks take time, energy, and a dedicated social media manager. However, these next few ideas will help you think outside the box to take your social media efforts to the next level.

2) Create Facebook Groups

Facebook is about community at its core. It’s about connecting with different people you wouldn’t be able to reach without the social media platform. This is why it’s so important to create Facebook groups. In doing so, you allow your supporters to connect with each other on a more personal level. Within the groups, your supporters can establish ambassadors for specific initiatives, share info on upcoming events and make plans to help with your cause. Think of Facebook groups as a way to create smaller communities within a community.

3) Utilize Messenger

You probably use Messenger every now and then when one of your followers reaches out with a question. However, we recommend using it with a much higher volume. When it comes to donors and supporters, reach out to say thank you on a personal level. Sure, it takes time to message individuals, but it’s a rewarding practice that will show your followers just how much you care. Pro Tip: Write up a few template messages that you can use to get conversations started. Be sure to change out the person’s name, date, or any other similar information. These templates will save you plenty of time!

4) Focus On Personal Stories

This idea ties back in with the content that you share. When it comes to fundraising, people want to see how your cause relates to people on a personal level. If you don’t have personal stories to share, reach out to your followers to see if anyone is willing to volunteer to share. You can help them create a video, or you can share a story with a picture. Regardless, putting a focus on the personal side of things will go a long way with your supporters.

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Followers For Help

Sometimes we spin our wheels when we don’t need to. Don’t hesitate to use the Facebook survey tool. This is one of those tools that many organizations often overlook or dismiss. A survey allows you to get feedback directly from your audience. Not only will this help steer you in the right direction, but it also shows your followers that you value their input. It could be as simple as, “What day of the week would you most likely attend our online fundraising event?” You just might end up with some answers that you didn’t expect!

If you need some more outside-the-box ideas to help take your fundraising event marketing up to another level, please reach out to us. Our staff is available and ready to help. For those in search of assistance with virtual fundraising events, we can help with that too. Just ask us about our AmFund VIP program. As always, thanks for reading, and stay safe!


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