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Working with Vendors During these Unprecedented Times

In our most recent blog, we covered the specifics of postponing an event during the Coronavirus Pandemic. There’s no easy answer when it comes to many of these decisions, but it’s important to remember this: everyone is in this together. There has been a true sense of unity developing between organizations across our country. Decisions are being made for the safety and health of all Americans.

Here at AmFund, our goal is to continue providing tips and insights that will benefit nonprofit organizations that find themselves in unfamiliar territories regarding the planning and postponing of fundraising events. Our focus remains on helping your nonprofit make the best decisions and continue to raise funds for your cause during these unprecedented times. With over 20 years of fundraising experience under our belts, our staff is continuing to monitor our country’s situation and applying our knowledge to the process of planning and developing of future fundraising events in the face of adversity.

Compassion Comes First

In this blog, our focus is on the conversations that you will have with your vendors. We are talking about venues, catering companies, entertainment staff, and event speakers.

When you go to speak with them about the circumstances of your event, compassion should remain at the forefront. The current downturn of our country’s economy is affecting everyone. These vendors are also making difficult decisions that impact their livelihoods. Compassion will help these conversations move forward in the most productive ways.

The Social Distancing Effect

Many vendors in the entertainment industry have been hit hard by the social distancing orders that have been mandated.

Keep in mind, communication with these vendors may be limited over the upcoming days as their staff is potentially minimized. Remain patient as you work through these challenges. These vendors are just as anxious as you to find solutions that will improve their outlooks.

Map Out a Plan with your Team

If you are postponing your event, map out all of the relevant vendors that need to be contacted. Ensure that you review all contracts and financial implications prior to your conversation.

In doing so, you can have an open dialogue with each vendor to verify these very important monetary figures. Go into the conversation with the intent to keep all financial details in place for the event at the newly scheduled date.

Make sure to keep your team updated with all vendor-related updates and changes so that everyone remains on the same page moving forward.

If you have a fundraising event coming up in the summer that is not postponed yet, it doesn’t hurt to stay in touch with your vendors. Assure them you are holding your date unless the pandemic requires you to postpone as things get closer. Keeping an open line of communication with your vendors will also keep you informed of any limitations that may occur on their end.

Remain Flexible

Flexibility is the keyword to keep in mind through all of this. Be flexible with your vendors. Everyone is scrambling to adapt to the ongoing changes in our world. Change is going to continue. It’s best to adapt to it, not fight it. If your organization remains detailed with your preparations for the days ahead, your future will be bright.

Many organizations are creatively moving to a virtual fundraising event this year. In response to your needs, the American Fundraising Foundation has developed AmFund VIP – your virtual silent auction. It is easy to launch, ready for online or mobile offerings and can help you quickly raise essential unrestricted funds, something that is needed by all our nonprofit partners. We offer extraordinary trips that have our signature “three years to travel with no blackout dates”. Now more than ever, that lengthy travel window is important to your donors that want to support your organization as well as feel that their investment in a trip is secure. AmFund VIP can be one of the best answers to your virtual event planning. Our Development Staff is available and ready to help and would be happy to discuss our AmFund V.I.P Virtual Fundraising Offering.

Remember, we are all in this together! If you run into any challenges with your vendors, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at AmFund. Our staff is available and ready to help navigate you through these times.


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