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Alluring Andalusia Full Description 

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Full Trip Description:

Alluring Andalusia

3 Years to Travel/ No Blackout Dates/ 2 Travelers/ Land only

Warm your soul beneath flowered balconies and savor the wild beauty of the home of Carmen and Don Juan.  Your gateway to Andalusia is Madrid, home of Spain’s art scene. Here, you can view masterworks by Picasso, Velázquez, El Greco, and Rubens in the multitude of museums – many of which are architectural marvels in of themselves. One day you will whet your appetite for tapas – literally – during your gastronomy walking tour of Madrid.  Delicious delights such as Iberian ham and artisanal cheese will melt in your mouth beneath the magnificent cast-iron archways of the Mercado San Miguel as your guide discloses the most intimate history of Spain’s capital.


Next, you’ll find yourself aboard a train traveling back in time to the era of the Moors in glamorous Granada. Tucked beneath oft-snowcapped mountains, you can shop for colorful rugs and vibrantly painted ceramics in the Alcaicería Bazaar, or relax at a café beside the River Darro. Your second day in Grenada, a local guide will take you to the Alhambra – King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s famous “Red Castle”. Here you’ll see the intricate geometric designs left behind by the original Arab builders and the regal alabaster lions spitting petulantly from the courtyard fountains. 

Then you’re off to Seville by way of Ronda, a medieval town perched dramatically above the deep El Tajo gorge. From the famous stone bridge, you can cuddle up together as the panoramic view spills out before you in burnished hues of topaz and cedar.  


You’ll spend your final three nights in Seville, the birthplace of flamenco and a city with a soul as powerful and sensual as the dance. Here the winding pedestrian streets reward those who have a wandering spirit with the sound of amorous guitar and the wafting scent of bougainvillea. Another day, enjoy skip-the-line access to the Alcazar and Cathedral of Seville, Europe’s oldest palace and the largest Gothic cathedral in the world respectively.


Your romantic rendezvous for two in Andalusia includes: nine nights of luxurious accommodations, your tapas tour of Madrid, tours of the Alhambra, Alcazar and Ronda as well as your transportation between cities. Dance close and breathe in. Your AmFund travel specialist will book your adventure and you have 3 full years to take your trip with no blackout dates.


This AmFund Trip is Valid for 3 Years with NO Blackout dates and includes:

  • 10 Days, 9 nights 4+ star accommodations for 2 (3 nights Madrid, 3 nights Grenada, 3 nights Seville)

  • Breakfast Included

  • Train from Madrid to Grenada

  • Includes transfer from Grenada to Seville with a tour through Ronda

  • Gastronomy Tour in Madrid including a full High-Quality Lunch or Dinner and visiting 4 different traditional Bars/Taverns

  • Alhambra Tour in Grenada

  • Alcazar and Cathedral of Seville Tour

  • Professional Travel Specialist to book your trip

  • Options to add travelers and extend your trip available upon request.

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