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Get Creative with your Virtual Events

We are all living in a world of constant change. The Coronavirus Pandemic has certainly created its challenges for everyone. Whether it’s personal or work-related, these are the kinds of challenges that none of us ever dreamed of encountering. With that said, we here at AmFund are here to help support non-profits with the many different changes that are happening in the nonprofit world. Whether it’s transitioning to a remote workforce or remotely growing your following, there are plenty of initiatives that your nonprofit is likely in the process of handling.

Now it’s time to tackle another very important component of your nonprofit’s approach during these challenging times: your virtual events. Adapting to Virtual Events

Nonprofits all across the country are turning to virtual fundraising events to help get them through these difficult times. For those who are not familiar with the coordination of virtual events, there is a brief period of adaption that will take place early on. But don’t stress, virtual events can provide you with great funding opportunities that are nearly impossible to acquire in any other format during the pandemic, not to mention the ability to tap into a far larger remote audience! The key delivering a successful virtual event is to be creative.

Creativity is the Key

As we mentioned earlier, virtual fundraising events are much more prevalent in today’s world of social distancing. That means your organization needs to offer some creative ideas that will get your virtual fundraising event to stand out from the others. Think of it like you would for a regular in-person event. If you want people to attend, you need to get them excited!

Here are 5 creative ways to attract guests to your next virtual event:

It’s time to dine (sort of!).

Mail a sampling of wine or cheese. Have your guests tune in to your event so you can have a tasting together! This idea takes planning ahead of time due to the shipping of the wine and cheese. However, there’s no question that this unique idea is bound to garner attention and support for your organization.

Turn it up!

Opera or symphonies can have live living room concerts.

In fact, if your nonprofit has any kind of musical component built into your cause, these live living room concerts are a lot of fun!

Play a virtual fundraising game.

‘Heads or Tails’ or trivia games are just a couple examples. Try any type of fun interactive game that will keep your guests engaged. If you go with trivia, try mixing up the topics to get more people involved.

Bon Appétit! Offer virtual cooking lessons.

If your nonprofit deals with food, interact with some cooking lessons.People are stuck at home looking for new things to learn. Learning some new recipes will definitely get people excited! Be sure to share the recipe ahead of time so that your guests can gather the proper ingredients before the event.

Virtual paint night.

This is similar to the cooking idea mentioned above. Again, people are looking for new things to do. Find an artist who can lead a virtual paint night and you will be sure to have guests at your virtual event. You can even send out kits ahead of time all the supplies necessary to create their masterpieces. Ask your participants to donate them for a post painting night virtual live auction where they will be sure to encourage their friends to bid for your cause.

*Keep in mind: while it is important to have fun at these events, pre-arrange slots of time to talk about your worthy cause. Encourage donations to support the great work of your nonprofit. For example, if you opt for a virtual cooking lesson, make your appeals when everyone is eating their dishes.

AmFund VIP is Here to Help

All of the above-mentioned ideas are sure to give your virtual fundraising event a spark. However, if you are looking for more hands-on assistance, we can help you with AmFund VIP. This is a virtual silent auction that is easy to launch, ready for online or mobile offerings and can help you raise essential unrestricted funds.

Remember, we are all in this together! If you need help with the additional creative ideas for your virtual event, or if you would like to receive more information on AmFund VIP, contact us today. Our staff is available and ready to help. Stay safe everyone!


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